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International Quilt Festival - Chicago 2019

Kay and I made a trip to Chicago to see the International Quilt Show and as usual we turned this weekend into a packed adventure.

Nothing like going from one cold area to another. This has definitely been a polar spring so far.

Kay was the driver. Coming from Columbus, Ohio on Thursday March 28th, 2019 to pick me up in Delphos, Ohio. Heading to Chicago via Rt 30. We got to the Rosemont area in the afternoon, Lunching at the hotel. 

Our hotel, the DoubleTree, was right across the street from the convention center and the convention center parking and walking distance to the L.  We each purchased a 24 hour pass and headed downtown. Got off at Monroe and found the CIBC Theater.

Attached are a few of the quilts that were featured in the display area. 

These little house are pretty amazing in the round.  Apparently it was a challenge, as there were a variety of them in assorted styles and colors

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