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Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Halloween Panel

This wonderful Happy Halloween Panel was purchased at one of my favorite quilt shops, Red Rooster Quilts, along with an assortment of Halloween fabric to coordinate with it.  I love Halloween!  I especially love fabrics that aren't the traditional black and orange combinations.

This simple panel was combined with some fun witchy fabric and oranges. It is 37" x 55".

As you can see on the backing, I pieced the gray witchy fabric with the orange.                                                                                                        My usual lack of planning left me without enough of the same fabric to use for the entire background.              Oh well!                                       I never really have a total plan when I'm on the fabric hunt anyway other than " I love it ! Gotta Have it!"

Little Red Riding Hood

This sweet little quilt is 50" x 50".

The panels were purchased on a trip to Austin, Texas a few years ago at The Sew Crazy Fabric and Quilting Boutique.

I didn't really know what to do with them at the time but came up with a framed square method that featured them nicely.

I had a vintage linen flat sheet that was perfect for the backing and the binding.


I had sheet fabric left over and made a pillow case to go with it.

The sheet was embroidered with someone's initials so i featured them on the edge of the pillow case.

I still have enough sheet backing to make a doll quilt and pillow case.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Flannel Block Quilt - January 2015

Flannel Block Quilt
This one is an oldie.

I had all this flannel and decided to do blocks. Had a bunch of blocks and then decided it was way too long since I had made them. Time to put them to use!

Didn't have enough of the background flannel and made do with what I had.  It works! It was pretty small and I wanted it to fit a twin bed so I added the borders.

Not sure if has gotten beyond this stage of not.  I'll have to do an inventory and see if it needs a backing and binding.

Winter Theme Quilt - January 2015

Winter Theme Quilt Backing

I didn't have enough fabric to do the entire back. So I made a strip on each side with backing fabric and a green that was similar to the green in the top. I liked the vintage plaid fabric that was an even weave.  I stopped getting hung up on the backing needing to be all one piece of fabric.

Winter Theme Quilt Top

The top was an old assortment of winter pre-cut kits from JoAnn Fabrics I've had forever.  Found them tucked away while I was organizing!

Stripe Panel King Quilt - 2015

                                         This this the finished Quilt on our King Size Bed.

                                          This this the finished Quilt on our King Size Bed.
This this the finished Quilt on our King Size Bed.
This this the Quilt in progress.  It was made in strips and each strip was had sewn to the quilt body.
This this the Quilt in progress.  It was made in strips and each strip was had sewn to the quilt body. I was only concerned that the squares were lining up. I trimmed the ends off later.

This this the Quilt in progress.  It was made in strips. These are lined up before being attacked to the quilt body.  I used a purchased "body", a king size quilt from Kohls for $30 rather than doing the batting & backing separately.

This this the Quilt in progress.  It was made 3x3 block squares using 2.5" charms and strips. The blocks where then sewn together with another 2.5 " bar and then into a long strip.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Updated Quilts May 2013

This is a table runner I just completed from a pattern called City Blocks. Love it. Very nice and went fast. Used 2.5" charms. I'm all inspired to do some more!

This is baby quilt i made using 5" charms. Gave it to my Granddaughter Olivia. I made folds with the charms and used them in the border. The pattern was from the internet and was free. 

I'm not sure what I'll do with this. Got the kit at the thrift shop, semi completed. It was supposed to be a group of place mats but obviously they were not cut that way. I went with the flow and made it into one mat. Maybe as a table centerpiece.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Penny's PSA3 Memory Quilt

Made 4/21/2009
Penny was leaving for Memphis and all the people in the office use a marker to write their names & leave a message on a piece of muslin. I didn't use a certain size. Freeform! I then took all the pieces, evened them out and did a series of 2 1/2" strips around each. Sewed them all together... Ta Da! About a crib size. I ended up using a brown dotted swiss for the backing. All that from my stash! Imagine that!