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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ann Arbor Adventure with Kay Part 2

Another group of shops we went to during our Ann Arbor adventure.

Pink Castle Fabrics
So many different fabrics.  The store itself had a very lofty warehouse feel to it.  Lots of Asian and foreign fabrics that you just don't see anywhere.  Too much to decide on.  I'm saving this place for our next trip to Ann Arbor for a purchase.

The Quilting Season

The ladies here were were a real joy.  They were getting fabrics ready for their big Christmas Open House. WOW.... lots of great samples. I got these chicken fabrics.  The chickens are a set of place-mats but I'm not sure yet if that's what I'll use them for.  I've got more chicken fabric at home along with some black and white fabric that might work out also.

Sandhill Crane Vineyards Wine & Wool Festival

Very busy.  Lots of vendors and all sorts of yarn and roving.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ann Arbor Adventure with Kay

On Friday July 28th and Saturday the 29th 2017, my friend Kay & I set out  to discover the Quilt & Yarn shops of the Ann Arbor Area.

Here we are at our new favorite the Ann Arbor Sewing Center.
WOW....what an fantastic selection of fabrics. Great parking and very friendly staff.

I always say "I've got plenty of fabric at home", but we definitely found some fantastic fabrics that we could't be without.

I found these sweet little kitty themed fabrics and peach with tiny white hearts just happens to  work with some fairy themed fabric I've already got in my stash.

Some cherry themed fabric to add to my
Traverse City cherry theme.  The cherry trees and vintage camper was so cute.  It was hard not to buy the other camper fabric.

Yoga fabric.  Love it.  OM
I think this will make for great mug rugs to give to my yoga buddies.

Boat fabric to add to my lighthouse

Monday, July 17, 2017

Halloween Quilts

It's time to start thinking Halloween. One of my favorite holidays.  I love the fabric that's come out.  All the different colors and themes. Day-of-the-Dead. Gray, black, purple and orange. 

These are all small baby size quilts. Quick and easy to make.
Esp this one with panel fabric and strips added in to make them all fit together.

Another panel quilt with coordinating border fabric added.
Panel and fabric purchased at The Red Rooster Quilt Shop in Columbus, Ohio.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sewing area Organization

I've taken the time to revamp my fabric. Organize and Purge. Doing this always reintroduces me to fabrics I've had and often makes me wonder why I've got them!

My shelving is standard Sauder Shelving purchased at the Ready To Assemble Furniture Store in Lima, Ohio.

Everything labeled as to style, color or fabric groups.
It's like my own fabric store!

I always feel that "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" is important as far as my supplies go.

I just need to remember that the next time I'm at a quilt shop.

I also have an wonderful combo ironing board made with screwing two small shelves together and attaching a shelve board covered with padding and ironing board fabric. It gives me the rectangular ironing space and storage underneath. Both things a regular ironing board do not offer.

The shoe size storage boxes and mini laundry baskets stack nicely.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mug Rug Swap

I have been a member of Swap-Bot since 2009.                                     I have swapped a variety of crafts and supplies with hundreds of people all over  the world.  The mug rug is one of the swaps I've done recently.
If you've not tried a mug rug yet, now's a good time to give it a try with these simple directions for a variety of mug rugs. It's a great way to use up scraps for a quick and easy "mini quilt".  They make great gifts and are very inexpensive to mail to anyone.

Here is the mug rug I made for a recent swap.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mystery Quilt 2015

I had done this mystery quilt a few years back a few years ago with a Yahoo Group called OhioQuilters.  I really haven't been too active with it lately, but when I came across this quilt, I was reminded of how fun it was to make.
Groups are a great place to meet other quilters with out having to leave your house!    Try it out.
This is another top I had sitting around forever and finally found the time to add backing and binding..  My theory is that we all have a certain amount of creative process built up inside and we just need to keep making it/doing it until we just can't do it anymore.                                                                                                                                                                                      I make quilts, Afghans, whatever with no particular "receiver" in mind.  My only rule is that they "want" or will appreciate the gift. I would be sad if it showed up at the thrift shop but it could be a more grateful receiver would be the final owner instead. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Columbus Area Quilt Adventure

On Thursday June 8th, my friend Kay and I went on a quilt adventure in the Columbus, Ohio area. We try to go to another city or state when we can but today we stayed local and had just as much fun.                                                                                      We started the day at Quilt Beginnings.                 Always a great place for new fabric combos, ideas and inspiring samples.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Then we headed to another one of our favorite places,
  Sew To Speak. Which has an assortment of quilting, sewing and knitting supplies.  Eclectic fabrics and patterns. Friendly and helpful staff combined with wonderful samples.  They always have something new that I can't leave without.
I purchase a linen piece to coordinate with a few linen items I had acquired on a few previous trips. The gray with light dots I got at  Sew To Speak, the gray cats on the black background I got when we went to Pittsburgh to the Knit and Crochet Festival in March from a vendor at the  show.  There were actually quite a few quilt vendors which was great as Kay and I love both knitting and quilting.  The rolled piece of red hearts on the tan background I purchased in Chester England last year at Liberty Bell

I would really like to incorporate the three fabrics together into a clutch or a bag of some sorts.

After all our shopping it was time for lunch and an adult beverage at The Whitney House in Worthington
Then we finished off our day at the Red Rooster Quilts 

Where we each bought a 5" charm pack of Poppy Mae by moda.