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Let's talk about quilting and if you happen to be bi-lingual [you both quilt and knit] we can chat about about them both!

International Quilt Festival - Chicago 2019

Kay and I made a trip to Chicago to see the International Quilt Show and as usual we turned this weekend into a packed adventure.

Nothing like going from one cold area to another. This has definitely been a polar spring so far.

Kay was the driver. Coming from Columbus, Ohio on Thursday March 28th, 2019 to pick me up in Delphos, Ohio. Heading to Chicago via Rt 30. We got to the Rosemont area in the afternoon, Lunching at the hotel. 

Our hotel, the DoubleTree, was right across the street from the convention center and the convention center parking and walking distance to the L.  We each purchased a 24 hour pass and headed downtown. Got off at Monroe and found the CIBC Theater.

Attached are a few of the quilts that were featured in the display area. 

These little house are pretty amazing in the round.  Apparently it was a challenge, as there were a variety of them in assorted styles and colors

Quilt Nine Patch Baby Quilt

I have a lot of fabric. I enjoy the piecing and assembly process of quilting.  I see it as a challenge. 

So I've an assortment of quilts in various stages waiting for a proper home.  Someone who will appreciate the time and work I put into each quilt.

This was more girl themed and I gifted it to a long time family friend upon the birth of their granddaughter.

I love making the crib size as it doesn't take long to assemble with batting and backing.

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March 28 - 30, 2019

Quilt Festival Chicago

Fab Shop Hop

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QuiltCon 2018

In February of 2018, Kay and I went on our first quilt adventure that required flying.  California seemed like a good location to go to from COLD Ohio in February.  
A direct flight from Cincinnati to LA got us there in the midst of rush hour traffic.  
A 28 mile drive from LAX to Pasadena took 1.5 hours. 
WOW... I'm glad Kay was driving. I was the navigator.  

There was fabulous assortment of quilt styles and designs. Here are but a few of the photos I took.        
What was really interesting was the way they took traditional designs and changed them up.                    Adding different colors and layouts.                                Really breaking the rules.

These little octagons were attached to the top of the fabric and quilted on.There was fabulous assortment of quilt styles and designs. Here are but a few of the photos I took.                  
What was really interesting was the way they took traditional designs and changed them up.  Adding different colors and layouts. Really breaking the rules.

These skinny strips were a quilt as you go. 

Even the attendees were an example of creative quilting in their handbags, clothing and colorful hair colors.

Using quilt pieces left from another project Part 1

We all have pieces left from another project that didn't quite make the size that we needed or we just made too many.  Not sure what the case with this was but I found many such pieces when I was cleaning out a box of UFO's.

I decided to work with them by making them a uniform size.  8" X 8" is a good size to expand on. Some of the pieces were already 8"x 8" while others needed to be extended.

I used a coordinating fabric 2.5" X 8" to add to one side of the 8" x 8" piece.

I then joined three sections into a strip.          Four strips into a topper.

This 3 x 4 square is just about crib size but I really think that it needs at least another row of color.  The border with the dots really gives a lot of color choices to choose from. 

Adding a border really can extend the little amount of squares that I started with.

Ann Arbor Adventure with Kay Part 2

Another group of shops we went to during our Ann Arbor adventure.

Pink Castle Fabrics
So many different fabrics.  The store itself had a very lofty warehouse feel to it.  Lots of Asian and foreign fabrics that you just don't see anywhere.  Too much to decide on.  I'm saving this place for our next trip to Ann Arbor for a purchase.

The Quilting Season

The ladies here were were a real joy.  They were getting fabrics ready for their big Christmas Open House. WOW.... lots of great samples. I got these chicken fabrics.  The chickens are a set of place-mats but I'm not sure yet if that's what I'll use them for.  I've got more chicken fabric at home along with some black and white fabric that might work out also.

Sandhill Crane Vineyards Wine & Wool Festival

Very busy.  Lots of vendors and all sorts of yarn and roving.

Ann Arbor Adventure with Kay

On Friday July 28th and Saturday the 29th 2017, my friend Kay & I set out  to discover the Quilt & Yarn shops of the Ann Arbor Area.

Here we are at our new favorite the Ann Arbor Sewing Center.
WOW....what an fantastic selection of fabrics. Great parking and very friendly staff.

I always say "I've got plenty of fabric at home", but we definitely found some fantastic fabrics that we could't be without.

I found these sweet little kitty themed fabrics and peach with tiny white hearts just happens to  work with some fairy themed fabric I've already got in my stash.

Some cherry themed fabric to add to my
Traverse City cherry theme.  The cherry trees and vintage camper was so cute.  It was hard not to buy the other camper fabric.

Yoga fabric.  Love it.  OM
I think this will make for great mug rugs to give to my yoga buddies.

Boat fabric to add to my lighthouse